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Kingston House, Ebford

Client: Private
Area: 184 m²
Stage: Completed in June 2009
Building costs: £350k
Description: New Dwelling

Whilst the pronounced slope of the site presented a challenge to both the design and the construction of the dwelling, it also offered the opportunity to create a distinctive and dynamic living space through the medium of a multi-level building. The resulting design provides accommodation across a total of 5 levels. Each of these levels is set at approximately half a storey increments. There are also beneficial by-products that the open-plan split-level arrangement offers. For example, although the building is in the form of a “narrow frontage” deep plan in the interrelationship of levels together with the open plan arrangement means that outlook to both front and back can be enjoyed from all of the main habitual areas. This combination of views, outlook and dynamic interior volumes creates an exciting and enjoyable space for its occupants.

The scale of the building has been specifically formulated to relate to its surroundings. Firstly, a strong entrance feature is created by the drag-down roof of the car port. The articulation of the form of the remainder of the new building is a key element of the overall design and the optimum form that it should take was one of the most important design decisions. The strong roof-overhang of the car port signals a clear point of entry when viewed from the adjacent highway. This arrangement will avoid visual confusion and will ensure that the component parts of the building are readily understood.

The form of the roof was also a leading element within our design concept – it created the transition between the different scales of the 2 adjoining properties and it also expressed and articulated the spatial nature of the interior of the house. Additionally, the massive natural stone chimney creates a strong feature.

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